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Why are rain gutters so important?

Rain gutters are meant to collect the rain water that lands on your rooftop and directs it away from your property. Thus, rain gutters are an essential part of your property's drainage system. When properly installed, gutters are ensuring the safety of your foundation. If you currently have gutters that are causing overflow please call a professional to make sure you prevent staining, paint damage or rotting of your siding or cracks on your brick.

What kind of damages can I expect if I fail to install gutters?

Rain water damages structures more than any other natural occurrence. You can experience landscape erosion, mold, siding damage and flooding. A very serious problem that you can avoid is foundation damage.

How will my foundation be protected by gutters?

Your foundation may be strong and sturdy but it can't withstand the damage of water exposure. Without a gutter, water falls from your roof and rests on the side of your property instead of being directed away. When water seeps into your brick it can cause cracks and other damages to your foundation. Furthermore, in cold weather the water can freeze and cause the cracks to get even bigger! These cracks will leave your home vulnerable to more water damage, like leaks that lead to mold growth.

Do I need gutters all around my house?

That would depend entirely on the style of your roof. The best way to know is to have a professional come out and evaluate the water dripping.

Which gutter material best fits my property?

In Texas the main 3 materials you'll find are aluminum, copper and vinyl. Aluminum and copper are highly recommended due to their look, durability and ability to customize to your specific needs.

  • Aluminum comes in many different colors and can also be painted to fit your custom look. Most people prefer aluminum due to a well balance of cost and durability. On the downside, this material can dent and change with weather over time.

  • Copper can be the more expensive option but these beautiful gutters are long-lasting and a must for high-end residence or historic restorations. They do require a level of upkeep if you want to keep the shine, otherwise this is an added investment well worth it.

  • Vinyls are inexpensive and good for DIY projects. They won't rust but crack easily, fade and leak. These are good for temporary use. Unfortunately we do not install these types of gutters, thus we pride ourselves in providing quality work.

How can I maintain my gutters?

It's important to clean your gutters once a month or at the very least every other month. Remove all leaves and using water, flush your gutter canals. To help in minimizing the maintenance of your gutters, a gutter screen is recommended. If you do not feel comfortable getting on a ladder to clean out your gutters contact a professional.

Are Leaf Guards or Leaf Blasters worth the investment?

Now that you are aware of the importance of maintaining your gutters, let's talk about minimizing this important chore.​

Leaf Guards and Leaf Blasters do just about the same thing. The sole purpose is to keep leaves, debris and other objects from entering & clogging up your gutters.

Leaf Guards are made out of aluminum and is the most affordable option out of the two. You may still encounter debris entering your gutters due to it not being micro-mesh like the Leaf Blaster but the maintenance is still drastically cut down.

Leaf Blasters are made of higher quality material. These stainless steel micro-mesh blasters block even the smallest debris and resists rusting over the years. This type of guard allows for maximum amount of water to flow.

Having Gutter guards also raises the value of your home & is not visible from the ground looking forward.

Gutter guards should be installed by professionals to avoid voiding your roofs warranty.


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